Caring for Your New Car Finish


  • Do wash your car frequently with automotive car wash soap, and follow the directions carefully. This will help to maintain the lustre of your new car finish.
  • Do wash salt off your new car finish as soon as possible, or rusting could develop.
  • Do remember to notify anyone who cares for your car that the finish is new, and to avoid waxing or adding special cleaning options for the first 60 days.
  • Do make sure to notify your mechanic that your car has a new finish. Mechanic covers, brake fluid and other strong chemicals can actually destroy your new car finish.


  • Do not use household detergents to clean your new car finish. The detergents strip the wax off the car. You can wash your car immediately upon delivery. Please make sure you wash only with automotive car wash soap, and follow the directions carefully.
  • Do not wax your car for 60 days, because the paint needs to breathe. If you wax your car within this timeframe, the wax will trap in solvents and will prolong the drying time.
  • Do not choose the wax option or additive if you choose to go to a professional car wash. This can prolong the drying process to your new paint job.
  • Do not wax your car in direct sunlight. Waxing in direct sunlight can bake the wax into the paint's finish.
  • Do not try to remove stronger stains from your new car finish, such as tar, bug, and sap within 60 days. Please contact your body shop. After 60 days, you may use a bug and tar remover.
  • Do not leave bird droppings to settle onto your new car finish. Remove it right away with a damp rag. Otherwise, you will see that the acid in the droppings will etch the paint finish.
  • Do not use car covers for 60 days. This would hinder the drying process and could scratch the finish every time you take it off and put it on.
  • Do not let any gas or oil residue settle onto your new car finish. Remove it with a damp cloth.
  • Do not leave fresh roadwork paint or tar harden on your new car finish. Call the local body shop immediately so they can help you rectify the situation.
  • Do not remove any dirt or dust with a damp rag. If you chose to clean the car, it must be done with a hose and soapy water. Otherwise, the dry rag would cause the dirt particles to become abrasive and scratch.
  • Do not use a broom or shovel to brush off snow or ice from your new car finish. This will only the damage the paint. The best thing you can do is take off the top layer of snow to lighten the load. Do not go all the way to the finish.

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